Nintendo 3DS Leaked Photos

A Chinese factory worker has risked his job by smuggling a Nintendo 3DS straight off a factory production line.
The culprit has snapped a picture of the device which looks the same as the final design for the handheld which was revealed last year. So far the smuggler has not revealed any more information or released any more pictures of the device, but we hope more information will be made available eventually.

With the Nintendo 3DS gearing up for a release in Japan next month it is no wonder the devices are being mass produced. But Nintendo will also need the devices for two press events to be held simultaneously in America and Europe on January 19. The events are expected to fill in the rest of the world as to when they can get their hands on the 3DS and for how much.

The Nintendo 3DS is releasing in Japan on February 26 for the same price as the Wii launched at (25,000 Yen).

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