Geohot May Have Untethered Exploit For iOS 4.2.1?

Not so long ago, we reported about Rubyra1n which could be Geohot’s next jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1. And now, MuscleNerd’s tweet which was posted a few days ago seems to support this claim. MuscleNerd tweeted:

MuscleNerd: @ipodguy79 I hear geohot does have an untether actually! Though not for all devices.

This was posted as a reply to the following tweet:

ipodguy79: @sherif_hashim @MuscleNerd @iphone_dev @chpwn keep up with your soap opera and geo will be slapping another reality check on you

So if this statement from MuscleNerd is anything to go by, Geohot may be making a comeback to iPhone jailbreak scene. Though his untethered exploit is said to be limited to only a certain iOS devices.

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