Android APK of the Day 1/12/11

And the winner is....

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Be sure to read the included help file inside the psx4droid v2 menu for help with topics such as setting up the emulator.


I read some people want full screen scaling. The Playstation uses multiple resolutions during gameplay. I keep the aspect ratio maintained. The most used resolution on the PS1 is 320x240 which fits well on both portrait and landscape modes. Though some resolutions larger than 320 pixels wide, for instance, will need to be scaled down to fit in portrait mode. I scale down to 320 pixels wide and make the height keep the same aspect to not stretch/skew the image. You don't want a 320x240 image to be full screen at 320x480 or it will be stretched vertically and look horrid. Before I scaled to 320x240 by removing parts of the image before scaling down. Now I don't. This is as "full screen" as it gets and still maintain image quality.

Some phones are limited to 30 FPS. By default psx4droid renders at 60 FPS. If this is the case for your phone, to avoid slowdown set the psx4droid setting for screen refresh rate to 30.

Tested on the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Droid X, HTC Evo 4G, and MyTouch 4G.

The Evo 4G and MyTouch 4G seem to perform about 10 FPS slower than other phones of similar spec. The reason seems to be due to clearing the instruction cache, a software technique needed by this type of code. The same issue can be seen in GameBoid which uses this technique. We are looking into ways to resolve this.

Recent changes:
- Fixed some device's recent incompatibility with previous release of psx4droid.
- Added CDDA music support via a setting.
- Tweaked sound rendering further.
- Changed from software scaling to hardware scaling. Now maintains proper aspect ratio. Try landscape orientation if the aspect ratio makes portrait mode hard to see.

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