Android APK of the Day: 1/10/2011

And the Winner is....

GameBoid V2.4.4

- Run most games at full speed
- Customizable on-screen keypad
- Save states
- Cheats
- Fast-forward (turbo)
- Multiple key profiles
- Screen upside-down

Recent changes:
* Reverted the last audio fix (since it made the sound in Pokemon games distorted)
* Some UI bug fixes.

* Fixed games:
+ Grand Theft Auto Advance
+ Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga
+ Zelda: the Minish Cap (in the dark hyrule castle)
+ River City Ransom
+ Golden Sun, upon defeating one of the djinns
+ Fixed freeze in "Kingdom Hearts"
+ Mario Golf
+ Mario Tennis
+ Golden Sun 2 - the Lost Age
* Fixed crash on Nexus S.

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