PSP 6.20 TN-E Permanent Patch v3

Today a new version of 6.20 TN-E Permanent Patch gets released.

[!]If initializing flash rw - failed, installer exiting in XMB.
[+]If press DOWN, loading any *.PBP from ms0:/EBOOT.PBP or ef0:/EBOOT.PBP, ef0 prevails.
[+]Added ICON0.PNG. Thanks vit9696.
[+]Added ISO/CSO Loading (Extended rebootex ©ardi), WARNING! Disabled size control function in installer!
[+]The delete function vsh.txt version.txt and not replaced and renamed in vsh_off.txt version_off.txt.
[!]Fixing Slim color patching in TN Settings, in PSP Fat-1000.
[!]Fixed coldboot.
[!]Fixed no-plugins bug in TN Settings.
[!]Delete update TN function.
[!]Password Control worked only if PSP first powered or rebooted.
[+]Added opportunity reinstall patch.
[!]Delete recovery function (It not worked).
[!]Reported renamed vsh.txt function.
[i]Clear code.
[+]Added function for hide TN Settings in xmbctrl.prx.
[!]Already folder with patch for hidding named by "TN-E_PPATCH".
[!]Fixed bug in not worked MAC spoof function in TN Settings.

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