Android News Application V0.3

Scan this QRcode to download straight to your android device. Enjoy.
I have been working with Android SDK and decided to make a webview application for Android devices. News is only one click away.

Currently it doesn't support fullscreen on tablets but it will show up on 50% of the screen.

Hopefully I can clean it up a little, add many more things and push it to the Android Market. Sorry for now it is only portrait until i get the Tablets working.  It will also include tabs to my twitter account, youtube and maybe something else. I also need to work on the back button making sure it goes back on the page not on the application. (If on my galaxy tab I press back it closes the app for some out reason). Please remember to like us on facebook and if you have any problems or have some feedback leave a comment.

Next version will include:
- Advertisements will be kept minimal on the mobile site
- Fullscreen support for Xoom and Galaxy S Tab
- New Rounded icon with shadow

Allow this application to:
 Modify/delete USB Storage contents
Network Communication
 full Internet Access
Phone Calls
 read phone state and identify

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