PSP DaedalusX64 Alpha Rev 725 Released

Today the DaedalusX64 team pushes a new update for their Nintendo 64 Emulator for PSP.

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:
Rev 347 - Corn
[+] added ROM setting to enable Body Harvest and Night Creatures to boot
[!] modified IRQs
[+] added roms.ini for GEX3, Donald Duck and Rayman2
Rev 348 - Salvy
[!] Simplified and optimized TLB refill/invalid exceptions
[~] Simplified CopUnusuable exceptions
Rev 349 - Salvy
[-] Removed experimental interrupts (was pretty much a test anyways)
[~] Simplified abit UseIRQmode check, and added comments
[!] By mistake I removed to clear pi status reg in DMA_PI_CopyFromRDRAM...fixed
Rev 350 - Corn
[!] Improved speed in PIF CRC calculations (w/o using table)
[!] Proper name to IRQ hack -> SkipPifIRQ
Rev 351 - Salvy
[!] Clean up options etc (Removed option to disable Stack Optimization, it works perfectly fine with all the games, there's no point to disable it)
Rev 352 - Corn
[~] Keep texture in the cache a little longer to avoid swapping textures in and out
Rev 353 - Salvy
[!] Add back hack for Aydin, since the assumption I took was breaking Rampage
Rev 354 - Salvy
[!] Enable callbacks when gprof build is compiled
[!] Unlocked volatile memory (this unlocks 4mbs extra of memory) (credits to JJS)
[!] Disabled suspend mode (this won't work anymore when volatile memory is unlocked) (credits to JJS)
Note: The only side effects when volatile memory is used is that suspend and dialogs won't work I won't affect us though, since we don't depend on neither ;)
Note2: This is pretty much a test, only cheat codes are allocated in volatile mem atm.
Rev 355 - Salvy
[!] Forgot VolatileMemPSP.cpp
Rev 356 - Salvy
[!] Stop and unload imposectrl.prx after we impose HOME button (is only required once for that task anyways)
[!] Stop and unload dvemgr.prx if no tv out cables were connected.
Rev 357 - Salvy
[!] Created wrapper to make it easier to manage modules (since we have plenty ;p)
[!] Simplified inits of our modules
Rev 358 - Corn
[+] Enable to choose 32bit color mode at boot time by pressing "Circle" until splash screen shows up (default is 16bit)
Rev 359 - Corn
[+] Show 32/16Bit choice in splash screen
Rev 360 - Corn
[!] Optimized unaligned load/store (saving ~340 OPs)
[!] Moved alloc/free fonts to Create/Destroy so it won't happen every frame when showing splash screen
Rev 361 - Salvy
[~] Fixed text in splash screen
[!] Avoid creating two instances of intrafont
Rev 362 - Corn
[-] removed bit info from main menu
[!] Cosmetic change to splash screen

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