PSP 6.60ME-3 Released

With the new release of Sony OFW comes a new release of Custom firmware. Today Neur0n brings you 6.60ME Beta 2. If you are hesitant and don't have a pandora battery wait for the official release.   This is specifically made for flashable 1000 and 2000 models. Do not try and install on a brite or a PSP Go. We are not responsible for any damage made.

Nobody has tested this yet. Have a Pandora Battery on hand.

How to Install:
1.Put the 6.60 OFW and rename it to 660.PBP into PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder
2. Copy the 660ME (EBOOT.PBP) in the PSP/GAME/UPDATE folder too
(should be like this
3.Start the CFW on your XMB.

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