PS3 Showtime WatchTV & Game Trailers Released

With this talk and before you download Showtime + WatchTV + Channel9 + GameTrailers, you have to know how this system works.

1. Extract the folder called list from the archive to any place of your computer

2. Upload it to a website that you have or wait for a known person to you do it (the folder list must not be changed, the name should be this and only this)

3. Install the pkg provided in the package

4. Go to Showtime's Settings

5. Enable WatchTV plugin, enable too the option called "Check for new versions" (this searchs for new versions of the plugin each time you open WatchTV, it is a very useful option to enable) and below that option is one called "Remote website" there you enter the full name of your website till the folder list you uploaded to that website.
For example:
Imagine you have uploaded the full path of list folder is this:

You have to write with a keyboard in that option the following:

Note: You have to include "http://" (without double quotes) for it to work otherwise you get an error
6. Go to WatchTV plugin and you should have three folders called:
All Channels
What's do each one?
All Channels:
Searchs all the files of the list folder supported and shows every channel in it, as a big list
Here you can choose a genre, for example if you choose Entertainment, it will show you the channels included in the list-entertainment.xml file
Same thing as Genres, but it will only show to you the channels of the selected country
That's it, you made it and you have WatchTV working.

For Devs and people that know XML:
If you want to add your own streams to it, add the folowing lines:
TV Channels
Name of the channel
rtmp link, consult:
link for the logo of the channel
two letters identifying the country of the channel (e.g.: us)

Do you see what's between and that's what you have to add each time you want to add a channel.

1. I don't want to upload the folder to a website, instead of that I have a website that uses your folder, what I have to do?
If this is your case, you may bypass steps 1 and 2, and start by installing directly the pkg, once there, in the option "Remote website" write that website as specified in step 5.

2. The genres list should have more genres, what can I do for it?
Contact me so i can add that genre.

3. The country list is incomplete it needs more countries, what can I do for it?
Contact me so i can add that country.

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