PSP Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle V1: Naruto Based Homebrew Game

The PSPking-Users ToXXiN andShaplayer released withNeutrosiders Help the Homebrew Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle is a Beat em up Game which is written in LuaPlayer Plus and which is the follower of Naruto Ninja Battle !

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Battle are 26 Charactere and you can unlock 5 Character!There are even 7 Charakter with a 2.Form or a Help-Character!

[FIX]Bug Fixing(Danke an Neutrosider!)
[NEW]Added new Place!
[NEW]Complete Game ported Lua Player Plus!
[NEW]Better Life!
[NEW]New Pausenmenu!
[NEW]New Lifebar!
[NEW]New Characterselection!
[NEW]Story Finished Picture!
[NEW]New Mainmenu!
[NEW]New Gamemenu!
[NEW]New Character!:
[NEW]Added Sasuke Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Tobi!
[NEW]Added Temari Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Shino Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Sakura Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Naruto Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Kiba Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Hinata Shippuden!
[NEW]Added 6xPain!(Attention!Added as one character!)
[NEW]Added Orochimaru as Help-Character of Sasuke Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Killer Bee(+ Hachibi) as Help-Character of Naruto Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Kankuro!
[NEW]Added Gaara Shippuden!
[NEW]Added Kakuzu!
[NEW]Added Kisame!
[NEW]Added Sasori!
[NEW]Added Hidan!
[NEW]Added Itachi!
[NEW]Added Deidara!
[FIX]Edited EBOOT.pbp!
[FIX]A lot of old characters removed!
[FIX]Musik/Sound removed!(Because theve been Bugy!)
[FIX]System-Messages removed!(been anoying!)
[FIX]Bug-Fixes + Changes!

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