PS3 The Unmapped Forest V0.1 Released

Today ThatOtherPerson released an action RPG game in its early development.

The above screenshot is actually from an unreleased PC version. But aside from the resolution the PS3 version should look identical.

I've started making a new homebrew PS3 game. It will be an action RPG game but it is very early in development. It currently consists of a forest that you can wander around in and some slime monsters that will follow you. You can attack but you can't actually hurt the monsters and they can't hurt you. There will be PC and Wii versions later.

What I would like from you:
For anybody that hasn't noticed already the hero sprite and chests are from Neutopia II, the slime monsters are from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and the grass and tree sprites are just ugly. I'm really more interested in programming then making sprites (I loathe drawing with a mouse) but I know there are a lot of people who are really into making sprites so I'm hoping that you might be one of them.

But I've tried the whole collaboration thing and it has consistently turned out to be a terrible idea. I'm not very fond of getting vague offers from 50 people only to find that most of them very obviously won't ever actually contribute anything or are horrible at what it is that they want to help with and that of the remaining few that actually appear to be both competent and motivated they mysteriously disappear off the face of the planet before finishing anything.

I'm not going to chase people down trying to get them to contribute. I would rather just make everything myself.

So let me define the rules of engagement as clearly as I ****ing can. A link to the sprite sheet is available bellow. The sprites for the final game need to be of the same size and fit on the same sheet in the same places. If you find it to be insufficiently clear where the borders are that the sprites are intended to be made within then leave a comment saying so and I will edit this post and add an additional copy of the sprite sheet that has them outlined. If you are interested in making sprites for this game then begin with making the sprites for the main character. The main character can look however you want them to look (they can be anything from an ultra cliche swords and sorcery dude to a three armed green woman with purple hair and robotic legs). If you complete the walking and attacking sprites for the main character in at least three of the eight directions then email your version of the sprite sheet to me at and I will then potentially respond.

PS3 controls:
Left analog stick = Move
X button = attack

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