PS3 Unofficial Showtime 3.1.188 by Redsquirrel87

- js: Allow arbitrary headers to be set in HTTPAuth handlers
- More robust handling of character encoding in Javascript HTTP client
- Refactor character set handling a bit
- Remove old file
- js: Correct textDialog function
- js: Added function textDialog to the plugin API
- js: Added function simple_dialog to plugin API (shows a message in a popup and a textbox to user enter something and get the value)
- Added background support for plugins
- glwthemes: Added support for background in directory type pages, use page.metadata.background
- upnp: Various fixes
- Add Hungarian translation
- Add support for overriding HTTP headers from plugins
- rpmbuild spec file for redhat/fedora etc
- Merge branch ‘master’ of
- changing linux make uninstall path and add gtk-update-icon-cache
- changing linux make uninstall path
- add showtime desktop icon to the linux make install script and correct system path for fedora
- Update Dutch translation
- Update Trad. Chinese translation
- Update Romanian translation
- Update Norwegian translation
- Update French translation

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