PS3 Real Network Access for JFW DH CFW Coming Soon

As you can see in the picture this will be the design (for lack of making a decent logo) to RNA.
Also if you can observe the list of functions that will bring its first version:

• Friends:
Add your friends see your profile, avatar and information. Browse through their trophies and compare with yours.
• Trophies:
Updates trophies for other friends to see. In later versions will add support for social networks can post your trophies on sites like facebook and twitter. Maybe when I get The Grid be able to update facebook and trophies at the same time to win.

• Network:
Do not come in the first version, but it will be the meeting point. Create rooms and join them will be just some of the options available there.

• Inbox:
Send and receive messages from your friends. In future it will be possible to send messages inviting rooms in the network.

• Quick Menu:
By simply pressing (arrow), the menu will change law offering:

◦ Your profile
◦ Friends List
◦ Posts
◦ Menu
◦ Accept suggestions

There will also be an options menu where, among other things, you can choose the background color to taste full and unrestricted (limited range of RGB, which should not be a problem).

You can see an outline of the functions in (updated regularly):…6e8222a07e3f6e

Suggestions and others:

By selecting “Type”: “proposal” and “Priority” as you may believe that very little or urgent.


Progress (14/08/11 – 3:30 am)

• PHP Server:

◦ Login: 100%
◦ Handshake Process (security): 30%
◦ Parser package: 100%
◦ Builder packages: 100%
◦ User (information): 0%
◦ Trophies: 0%
◦ Friends: 0%

• PS3 pkg:

◦ Basic GUI: 80%
◦ Interaction and control: 40%
◦ Dynamism and animations: 20%

• Global: 5%

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