PS3 Solar V0.1 Released

Quote (CondorStrike):
Ok guys here we go, Finally I present to you Solar.V1 stable, Multifunctional Homebrew screensaver.
I made this app as a companion to other Homebrews, with the intention to reduce or eliminate screen-burns, and also grant FTP access while the screensaver runs.
This version I made for Rogero Manager, but any other that might want it, just let me know since with a proper SELF to spawn to it can work with any other apps.

3D and 2D playback.
3 stable screens timed to eliminate screen burns.
MP3 playback.
dynamic effects.
This version is works with Rogero Manager.

Future Updates:
Ftp, ....still doesn't work right, so I'll leave it for a future update.
More screens.
More Dynamic effects, eg: asteroid hitting a planet.
Comets, well that already works but too late to add it.
User MP3 playback by drag/drop to CNDR00001 directory.

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