PS3 Paintown v3.5 Released

A new version of Paintown is available to download for the Playstation 3.

mp3/ogg fixed (add your own custom must to /dev_hdd0/game/Paintown_/USRDIR/data/music/ change main menu music by editing /dev_hdd0/game/Paintown/USRDIR/data/menu/main.txt), more states implemented in adventure mode, support for multiple hit boxes in same frame, editor majorly updated.
New character Terry by marcus95, I’ve added Batman and Peter Griffin to adventure mode if anyone would like to work on them further feel free too.
 Moves list for peter and batman:
* elbow = square
* LPtoHP = down+square (repeatedly) will preform a crushing low punch and a killing uppercut
* MP = square after preforming elbow
* HP = square after preforming MP
* hardHP = X
* uppercut = forward+X after preforming hardHP
* grapple-up = up+square
* kick = circle
* kick 2(punch and kick) = circle after preforming kick
* kick 3 = forward, forward, circle
Peter Griffin:
* punch = square
* HP = square after preforming punch
* pound = square after preforming HP
* fart fireball = down+square
* froggy = forward+square after preforming HP
* uppercut = X
* puke = forward, forward, X
* WTF?? = square+X

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