PS3 Unofficial Showtime 3.1.60 by redsquirrel87

Add dutch translation
Drop some debug output
Add some lame code to handle UTF-8 BOM and CRLF line endings in
Add spanish translation
Fix some bugs in
Merge pull request #18 from wader/osx_fixes
Fix indent, use spaces
One more time, sort paths correctly
pt_PT: translate search using spotlight
pt_PT: add missing semicolon
de_DE: translate search using spotlight
l10n: Insert comments in .lang files where translations are missing
l10n: Add italian translation
i18n: Sort available languages
Add fa_dir_sort()
l10n: Portuguese updates
Portuguese translation by Andreus Sebes
German translation by Max Jänsch
Updates after slight changes in language scanner
Stable ordering of sources
Fix missing translation
glw: Fix some navigation bugs
Merge pull request #16 from wader/osx_fixes
Sort paths for each key as os.walk might return files in different order
i18n: Sync NLS changes for Mac OS X

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