PS3 Showtime Media Player v3.1.126 Released

Quote (Andreas Öman)
Starting from 3.1.126 Showtime now support "real" plugins.
By "real" plugins I mean plugins that can be loaded and installed from an online repository.
This allows third party plugin developers to rapidly develop plugins and make them available to the general public.
It's also possible to copy a plugin (which is just a .zip-file) onto a filesystem that Showtime can access and then just install the plugin from Showtime itself.
I've also started to write some documentation for how to develop plugins.
Quote Originally Posted by Andreas Öman
This release contains the new online plugin repository. Still there are no other plugins that previously available but we will hopefully see some new plugins coming in shortly.
On top of this the new release also includes translations of Showtime to:

* German
* Italian
* Dutch
* Polish
* Portuguese
* Spanish
* Swedish

As usual Showtime available for download here
Have fun!

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