PSP Half Byte Loader R118 for OFW 6.60

Quote (Wololo):
While we’re all waiting for a new Kernel exploit, a Hen, or a CFW on 6.60, we might want to enjoy some homebrews on the latest Sony firmware. For that, you currently have two possibilities. Either give a try to the the hundreds of signed homebrews that are available, or if you find a homebrew that is not signed, run it through HBL. I said a few days ago that HBL would run out of the box on firmware 6.60. This wasn’t true, some additional security was added that prevented HBL to run. But thanks to the work of JJS, only a couple days after the release of OFW 6.60, we are able to provide you a version of HBL that runs on the latest Sony firmware. This one is a full release build, so it runs faster than the debug builds you might have seen recently.

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