PSP Game Categories Lite V1.4 Released: Support for 6.60

This plugin allows you to categorize your games/homebrews on your PSP.

This plugin is based and uses source code from Game Categories Revised v12 (GCR) and Game Categories Light v1.3 (GCL), both created by Bubbletune. Compatible with 6.20, 6.3x and 6.60 CFW.

I changed the name of the project (doing a fudge in the process) to avoid confusion with GCL (this plugin doesn't use the folder categories present in firmwares 6.xx) and GCR (the plugin is based heavily in GCL since it doesn't use a kernel/user approach).

You can configure the folder prefix (use CAT_ for folders or not), showing uncategorized content and change the category mode in system settings.

If you want a translation of the visible options then edit the file category_lite_en.txt and save it using the language code that first you (e.g. "es" for spanish).

Note: you must use UTF-8 encoding for the translation files (without unicode BOM).

Languages supported: "ja", "en", "fr", "es", "de", "it", "nl", "pt", "ru", "ko", "ch1", "ch2"

The source code is also available in

* Add folder categories like GC Light

Known issues:
Change of category in the PSPGo requires a VSH reset.

- 6.60 firmware support
- Allow the uncategorized folder to be sorted
- Multiple language support.
- Added ja translation by popsdeco
- Added de translation by KOlle

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