PS3 Make Package NPDRM GUI V2.1.1080 Released By Sub Zero Designs

What is up guys? Today a developer by the name of Quakes 69 has decided to release an updated version of Make Package NPDRM GUI. Check out the changelog and download below.

Changelog for V2.1.1080:
- Fixed: Double files in Listview

Changelog for v2.1.1075:
- Removed: Directory Fix. Note: This is now on Options - --output (X:\Path)
- Added: Options, Controls, Graphics, Tomany to speak of.

This is a complete Redo of the software. I removed all of the inner coding for command use. Added in all options for make_package_npdrm. This in-turn will make it %100.

Q) Will it still make Multiple PKG's of Themes?
A) Yes!

RAR - Only has the EXE's. Nothing else
Download Here (Setup)

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