PS3 Showtime 4.0 Released

Today the long awaited Showtime Media Player version 4.0 is now in a stable build and ready to download.

Quote (Andreas Oman):
Showtime 4.0 is finally released.

Some highlights:
- New UI design
- Self upgrade of both Showtime itself (only on PS3) and all plugins (all platforms)
- Automatically load metadata from
- Improved support for subtitles (in particular external ASS/SSA files and vobsub files)
- Support for on screen keyboard on PS3
- Buttons on PS3 dual shock controller have changed their meaning a bit: See PS3 usage guide for details
- Each focusable item have a dedicated popup menu (Use □ button on dual shock controller for this)
- File browsing will sort folders first and then files. Sorting can be adjusted in the per page menu (△ on dual shock controller)
- Lots of bug fixes
... + more stuff I've forgotten

Try it out!

See you soon.

New Button Configuration

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