The Reasoning Behind Our Advertising

You may wonder why on the site we have a 5 second intermission advertisement that pops up every 3 minutes 100 times every 24 hours if you were to stay on the website. The three main reasons we advertise is to 1) Cover Expenses for now and for future 2) To Enhance and to hopefully get a standalone download server that would shows stats on each download, allow users to comment, and some sort of rating system 3) Time is money and while we may seem like posting a few things here and there is not hard work IT IS.

Q) Will you ever be ad free?
A) Yes soon enough I will have enough money to complete what I have started which was to make a great website were users would easily come and read about the latest news on Hacked and Homebrewed Devices offering EASY FAST FREE Downloads that just would make life simple. You would be able to check the news on your smartphone, iPhone, Tablet or just a computer whether it be at home, at work, or at school.

Q) Do you plan on changing the title of the website to maybe something else?
A) The answer to this is just a blank No. It is what I have started with and a name that I hope to end the site with whether it be 1 year or 10 years from now.

* These were some questions that I needed to get off my chest as people asked me emails.

I hope to get my download server someday. Maybe this month, Maybe next month. Only time will tell.


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