Wololo Comments on Upcoming VHBL Release

What is up guys? Today I bring you some exciting news about the upcoming VHBL release build. As stated below Wololo, the main developer behind the Half Byte Loader Project, has released this statement explaining that he has gotten many new homebrews up and running on his VITA. Sadly enough the latest version of Snes9xtyl did not make the working list this time around. Hopefully someone will take the time to figure out what is going on with that great Super Nintendo Emulator. Feel free to check out exactly what he had to say and the source listed below.

Quote (Wololo):
Many of you are wondering if the upcoming release of VHBL will be worth your attention. Should you stay on 1.61 or 1.67 if you are running one of the previous exploits? Should you not even bother buy the exploited game if your favorite homebrew is not running? Our beta tester (thanks for your help!) came back to me with a few results that I’m sharing here.

Please note that the version he is testing with is not the final one, although from what I could see, the compatibility results are quite definitive. HBL has been very stable for a few months now, and improving compatibility would be difficult without some major breakthrough regarding syscalls.

Anyways, sorry for the boring technical details, below is the report from our tester. Remember that my own tests of this upcoming version of VHBL can also be found here, with additional homebrews. Our tester is using the US version, but we believe compatibility should be the same across all versions.


Quake 1 Arena (from time to time framedrops but very enjoyable on the Vita)
Tetriabetes (strangely it recognizes the music I have put on my Vita?)
Blobby Volley
Jelly car
Pipeline (with save/load)
Spider Solitaire
MVS (a little bit slower than the CFW version but still pleasant to play)
uo_SNES9x 0.02y32(kinda of slow from time to time)
Picodrive (As always picodrive runs with sound and savestates)
CPS1 (Perfect but the menu combo is a Start+Select+R which is hard to hit on the Vita )
gpsp (works with savestates)
NesterJ (works with savestates)
Final Burn Alpha v12p1ALL (works with savestates)
PSPFiler (Not quiting properly for some reason )
yMenu ( this menu is really nice )

Thing Thing (Most probably would work but for some reason it does not find its files )
pspkvm (Not sure what is the right version for VHBL but I tried several with no luck
) SNES9xTYL 0.4.2 (As I already mentioned in my previous tests)
Ragdoll Cannon
Lua games in general

Not bad, hu? Snes9xTYL not working is a let down, but uo_snes9x is a very good alternative that will satisfy your emulation needs, from what I could see. Thanks again to our beta tester. Remember, for more results you can also check my previous tests.


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