PS3 mmCM v04.04.04 Released

Today the Cobra USB Team posted a minor update to Multiman Cobra Manager. Check out the changelog and feel free to download using the Update feature or below the post.

- Improved speed (2 to 3 times faster) when copying folders from NTFS drives (async write + larger I/O buffer)
- Fixed wrongly issued error message when copying 4+GB files to USB (when source file is being split)
- Fixed access permissions/attributes of split file segments and LV1/LV2/FLASH-dumps when copying to USB
- Added support for launching NPDRM executables (SELF files) with k_license=NULL (zeroes) / RetroArch emulators
- Added support for dumping NOR/NAND flash to /dev_usb000 via HEX Viewer mode (SELECT->START->LV2->LV1->FLASH)
- Added support for writing EID0 sector (TARGET_ID + 192 bytes only) from *.EID0.NORBIN and .EID0.NANDBIN files generated by mM and processed by c2d.exe to change Region/Target
- ISO folders (BDISO, DVDISO, PS2ISO, PS3 ISO, PSXISO, PSPISO) will be automatically created only when mM is used with supported configuration
- Changed: "Game Updates" function will find updates up to 3.60 firmware (update must be patched for 3.55CFW before installing)
- Changed: "Game Settings" menu will display PIC1.PNG thumbnail if gamefolder
 was accessed in mmOS mode (PS3GAME.BG1 present under PS3_GAME)*

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