PS3 Cheats Editor v1.1 Released

Today a developer by the name of Aldostools has decided to update his PC application that allows the downloaded user to edit, read and save cheats onto your PS3 games.

Quote (AldoStools):
Some features...
-Read/save cheats database for ps3usercheat (st.dat)
-Search/filter games
-Sort database by column (Title ID, Name, Version, number of cheats, region) (database is saved in the selected order)
-Added option to rearrange the position of the games in the list (use Alt+Up arrow / Alt+Down arrow in the listview)
-Exports selected games as text files
-Imports text file (exported format) and append to current database
-Allows to save the description in TITLE ID + NAME + VERSION (without < > and region)
-It accepts the file as a command line parameter (useful to open through batch files or associate extensions)
-Support for drag & drop
-Lots of keyboard shortcuts

If you find bugs, they are also features
Download Here

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