PS3 mmCM 04.05.00 Released

Today a new version of multiman cobra manager is now readily available to download. Feel free to check out the changelog and the download link below.

- Added support for ZIP files (4GB ZIP filesize limit)

- Added support for extracting ZIP files in mmOS (unzip supports subfolders, too); User can enter the target folder name to extract the zip in.
--- Unzip in the same folder: ([O]->Unzip Here)
--- Unzip in a different folder: ([O]->Copy -> (go to a different folder) -> [O]->Unzip Here)
--- Double-click a .zip file - extracts archive to TEMP location and opens target folder
------ TIP: To extract into current folder enter single dot . for folder name;

- Added support for installable ZIP packages when filename is in special format (double click on such special zip in mmOS):
--- will prompt the user to install the contents in /dev_hdd0/GAMES/BLES12345/dlc folder
--- -> will make mM enable WRITE access to dev_flash and install the contents of the .zip in /dev_blind/test (/dev_flash/test) folder (use with caution)
------ TIP#1: Special ZIP naming convention: prefix is "PS3", "/" is replaced by "~"
------ TIP#2: This approach can be used to restore backups of /dev_hdd0/home or install patch-fixes or other data

- Added support for RetroArch 0.9.7 new cores - launching retro ROMs from "Retro" column
- Added support for launching retro ROMs in ZIP format from local or network locations (/dev_hdd0, /dev_usb***, /net_host*)
Added support for new emulator cores:
--- Mednafen's PCE for PS3 (pce)
--- Mednafen's WonderSwan Color for PS3 (wsw)
--- PRBOOM for PS3 (prb) (plays Doom, Doom II, Final Doom and other Doom IWAD mods)
--- Gambatte

- Added new options in "options.ini" to define paths to new cores, roms and covers (pce, wsw, prb folders in ./ROMS and ./covers_retro)

The the following improvements are for those using the Cobra-USB dongle:

- Added support for PIC1.PNG background images for local (internal HDD and external USB HDD) PS3 games in ISO format
- Added support for coverart for local PS3 games in ISO format
Added support for game icons (ICON0.PNG) to mmOS Desktop shortcuts for local PS3 games in ISO format
- Fixed sort order of Game column when only PS3 games in ISO format are listed
- Fixed issue with Retro column (when detaching USB HDD while scanning for ROMs)

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