PS3 eEID_RK Dumper Released: Retrieve eEID RootKey from GameOS

Today a developer by the name of flatz has released a very important application that allows users to dump their eEID RootKey without the need of loading Linux and or converting their console from CEX2DEX. This application is NOOB friendly and has been tested to be safe.

eEID_RKDumper (from GameOS) by flatz

How to Install:
- Drag eEID_RK.pkg onto a USB Drive
- Go under Game then scroll download to Install Package Files
- Install package and then click on the icon to run it
- It will then black screen (no GUI) and restart the console automatically
- FTP (other otherwise) retrieve your eid_root_key / PCK1 from /dev_hdd0/tmp/eid_root_key

CRC-16: 8058
CRC-32 (Ethernet and PKZIP): BFD3BD8A
SHA-1: 4C3E775BC9DB1755B1396C0200B5EA49B2F46A87
SHA-256: 29C2DB61D8BA28E427BE2464E2B45365F2C6861B96D0C8B8EF 2E45CD4BF84D39
SHA-384: F8765BBABAE0FEE2EEEF6C807E0E6881ECFB10609536C6923E
SHA-512: A2F84F53921AE28B3886FB779BC5F007C36903E6216222B6BC
FDDC9C7ECCFB39E74881CDBBA45C01E11AB4187708E6620FA2 07446141411EA5AABC18AE490F30
MD-2: 2126B37F69204E32C8B26F2FF2A623FD
MD-4: 6A2451F8A3D2F4EC9170E491CEE2D933

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