PS3 Asure/Aldo KLicense Tool v0.28 Released: Make Your Own 3.60 Patches for CFW 3.55

Today a developer by the name of AldoStools has released a brand new updated version of Asure's script tool that allows you to renew kLicenses.

Quote (AldoStools): (2kb)
00000000000000000000000000000000 No_klic
72F990788F9CFF745725F08E4C128387 NP_klic_free
00000000000000000000000000000000 BATTLEFIELD 3 (1.05) [BLES01275]
AF0A8F0A8909F09234091AFADF909AF0 Call of Duty: Blackops (1.13) [BLES01031] [BLES01032] [BLUS30591]
496E66696E697479576172644B657900 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
 3 [BLES01428] [BLES00687] [BLUS30838]
D84D248D58EEA66FAC705893E7C0865D Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer [BLES01235]
3E5A737B7D7D6F242D3F305873647153 Deus Ex Human Revolution (1.01) [BLES01150]
CBB2EAB0E2925A89DF06A843B7F2221B Dragons Age II (1.05) [BLUS30645] [BLUS30645]
B608E78018A335E494B972A6B717A166 Metal Gear Solid HD (1.01) [BLES01419] [BLUS30847] [BLJM61001]
6F46772AC2C84BA59484A73BB13B26BB NBA 2K12 (1.05) [BLES01418] [BLUS30830] [BLJS10136]
19089CBAF948487F9530832BF477B369 Portal 2 (1.01) [BLES01222] [BLUS30732]
58A4BADB96035258C54DDE01F210CBDD Rage (01.01) [BLES01377]
729A4F5EE376794650782D0CCD7DCB72 Red Dead Redemption (1.07) [BLES00680] [BLUS30418]
90394BD86C745DA84D0E4209F073E100 Sniper Ghost Warrior
 (1.01) [BLES01286]
08727DF80102030431C855B900000101 SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs (1.05) [BCUS98135]
15454864315343513216315346265612 Test drive unlimited 2 (1.06) [BLUS30527] [BLES00884]
C0A3B7641C2AD1EF20133A28A3E15FE3 Tom Clancy Splinter Cell
 Trilogy HD (1.01) [BLES01146]
007BAD666BED00BABE00B0B05AD0B173 Tour de France 2011 (1.01) [BLES01296]
7FE7048BC7E4299916881A3A0E08CD73 WWE 12 (1.02) [BLES01439]

BTW: Notice that same klic is used in different regions. It is a scetool-brute force tool, with heuristic algorythms to help to reduce the time finding the klicensee.
Just copy the EBOOT.BIN, self/sprx and PARAM.SFO to the folder and let the program fix them.

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