Status Update

For the past two days I have been working on fixing up this brand new layout to my liking. As you can see it does look a little unfinished. While I am very happy by the way it looks as of now this is what I will also soon be adding..

- 150 Blog Posts Snippet Character Limit.
- Larger Thumbnail (Maybe 66% of the actual image)
- An easier way to report broken links
- Like us on Facebook Button along with my Twitter Updates, and Youtube Updates
- Make Blog Posts a Scrollable Div that is a Fixed Width and around 800px in Height (This is so you won't need to scroll throughout of the whole page rather in one area on the blog)
- A special Suprise for all you OuYa fans (Something new and requires some reworking)
- New Icon and a New header.
- Disabled Mobile /m/ site when viewed on iPhone & Android. The desktop version will be the only viewable way for now.
Currently this is all I have for right now, as you can see I do have some high hopes for what is it to come. As I was working all these updates for this blog I did happen to put my Youtube Uploads on Hold for one more day. Expect two EPIC MOAB gameplays tommorow as I off from work for two more days.

PS: I am excited for August 30th, when I get my brand new macbook pro and my Happuage HDPVR.

Stay Tuned!

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