PSP 1000 Models Soon to Get PRO Online: Thanks to Coldbird

Today a developer by the name of Coldbird, famous for his work on PRO CFW, has found a way to squeeze out 4MBs more out of the PSP 1000's ram. While 4MBs doesn't seem like a lot it could be just enough to allow him to switch up some modules and allow users to play games online.

Quote (Coldbird):
Sorry for my long absence... I've been busy in the Vita Scene (and still am). However I've got some good news for you guys... I've found a way to make Prometheus Online run on 1g units.

It's dirty, but it works and gives us 4MB extra RAM on 1g - enough to do online gaming!

I will try to update the sourcecode in the near future with some 1g unit compatiblity patches.


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