PS3 Rogero NOR Dump Auto Patcher v0.01 Released

Today a developer by the name of Rogero, famous for his work on Rogero CFW 3.55, has released a new application that will allow you to dump your NOR and validate it automatically. This will make it easily to flash using your PROGSkeet or E3 Flasher.

Description of Application:
- Compatible with both E3 and ProgSkeet Nor dumps.
- Checking your PS3 Nor Dump if it is Byte-Reversed or Not.
- Applying the correct downgrade patches depending on the Dump type detected.
- Eliminating the need to byte-swap the dump in order to apply the patches.
- Making the patching easier rather than using several programs to do it.

Always make several Nor Dumps and Validate your dump properly before proceeding to patch it and Flash it back. This Link has all the info needed to validate the Dump --> PS3 DevWiki, Validating flash dumps. A Ps3 without a valid Nor/Nand Dump is non-recoverable.

Download Here

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