PS3 DUPLEX Cracks True Blue DRM

What is up guys? Today I bring us all some exciting news. Today a developer by the name of DUPLEX, not quite sure if its a team of people or just one person, has cracked the True Blue Dongle DRM. This means that any 3.60+ game fixes for CFW 3.55 will no longer will require you to have the dongle plugged in or some special CFW. Feel free to check out what they had to say below.

Quote (Duplex NFO Release Notes):
When we first read about the TrueBlue USB Dongle we were excited about it. Finally having a way to play FW 3.60+ games on CFW 3.55 again. What a great asset to the scene everyone thought .. until people found out that this USB Dongle was solely made for cashing in! Its only purpose was to check on the DRM the TrueBlue Team added to their 3.55 Eboots. What a shame!

DUPLEX to the rescue! Finally bury your TB dongle because we removed their unnecessary DRM and their Patches will now work on Cfw 3.55 without any dongle or special TB CFW. (This has nothing to do with the previously leaked 3.60 Keys).

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