PS3 True Blue ELF Dumper Released

Quote (Shadoxi):
Original 355 -> ok
True Blue CFW v2 -> ok

There are some bugs (size of dump ...) but it works. It's ELF dumper from memory and it work with True Blue cfw v2 and any 3.55 firmware because it doesn't use lv2 peek/poke.

Warning: It will not brick your ps3. But I am not responsible for any damage.

How to:
Enable dev_blind with multiman
copy libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx from /dev_blind/sys/external/external to dev_hdd0/ and rename it "orignal_libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx"
copy my modified "libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx" to /dev_blind/sys/external/
load a True blue game from multiman
exit multiman
run your game
wait few minutes (if you get black screen after 3 minutes reboot ps3)
exit game
go to ftp
in dev_hdd0/ there are your decrypted DUMPEDBOOT.bin
copy and rename it with another name.
Install TB ELF Dumper first as stated in its readme file.
Start Multiman, it will make a dump of multiman eboots, so you must delete it first by browsing to dev_hdd0 then delete all DUMPEDEBOOT.BIN files you found there.
Back to multiman game selection then select any TB game then launch it.
Start the game from XMB then wait for some times until game start.
Exit game now then start multiman again then browse to dev_hdd0 and now you must found a decrypted game dump.

Howto uninstall patch - Two ways:
You could uninstall this patch by replacing modified libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx by orginal libsysutil_np_trophy.sprx
Or update in recovery mode

Download Here

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