Cydia Application: iEaStore Announced

What is up guys? Today I bring us all some exciting news. Here is a brand new web based Cydia Alterative brought to us by It offers a simple design, fully working search and everything is safely guarded away with a password that you create. Feel free to check out the how to instructions, their video and the source listed below. Enjoy!

Quote (Callum from
Introducing iEaStore! The Best Cydia Alternative! Its finally here!

The release of iEaStore, the most amazing cydia alternative and a way to install packages quickly and with ease. We have just pushing it out onto our servers this second so its now available for use on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and it works on any firmware. We don’t have many packages at the moment but we are adding more and more as the hours go on and we should have a few by the time you are reading this hopefully but let us know what you tweaks or themes or apps you want to see on iEaStore so we can get adding them.
How to:
1. Go to cydia
3. Install iStore Plugin
4. Put in a password in settings app
6. Enjoy!



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