PS3 Open OSK Revealed

Open OSK is an On-Screen Keyboard for PS3. It’s based on Tiny3D and libfont, both from Hermes and is Under GNU GPL liscense.
Well, I thought that maybe someone of interest. It is designed for programmers and a framework in C++.
This is an OSK (On-Screen Keyboard) for the development of homebrews. Since I did not get to show the PS3 by PSL1GHT OSK decided to make one. Thinking about thinking I decided that maybe someone else saw this, so I decided to share my work:
It is released under GNU GPL, under which you can freely use the code, but any modification is above code should be released or before uploading it to the repository or enviandomela to me for the climb.
Is still in development, so has a lot of functionality to be added yet.
I hope to serve you,
Check Out the Projects Homepage Here

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