PS3 Media Server V1.40.0 Released

- Updated OS X MPlayer to enable external VOBsub, ASS/SSA and Fribidi support
- Allow update checks to be performed manually (Windows only)
- Allow automatic update checks to be enabled (Windows only)
- Simplify PMS customization for packagers of custom builds
- Logging fix for headless configurations
- Added experimental support for iPad / iPhone renderers
- Fixed DVD ISO playback on OS X (thanks, jjmojojjmojo!)
- Added support for the AirPlayer app
- Added support for Samsung TV model SEC_HHP_TV (thanks, coax-!)
- Added Aperture support on OS X (thanks, coax-!)
- Added thumbnail support for images (some code from here)
- The cache is now reset after each upgrade/downgrade (for versions higher than 1.40.0)
- Files with the extension *.vdr are now recognized as MPG videos
- Added support for JPEG Multi-Picture Format (.mpo) files
- Added support for chunking renderers like Sony Bluray (thanks, infidel, WorldOfHurt and patters!)
- Updated Italian translation (thanks, nocciola82!)
- Fixed bug that would often limit streaming buffer to 50 MB.
- Updated FFmpeg for Windows to r30656 from r30172
- Updated French translation (thanks, danielha!)
- Updated Russian translation (thanks, Tianuchka!)
- Added support for regular ASS/SSA subtitles (before we only supported the more popular "advanced" kind)
- Updated MediaInfo to 0.7.47 from 0.7.44
- Updated JRE autodownload to 6u27 from 6u26
- Removed IP/hostname from Status tab (still shown in Traces)
- Updated libraries (codec, gson, jgoodies, logback and netty)

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