PSP XMB Item Hidder Seplugin Released

XMB™ Item Hidder: Plugin for hidding some items in XMB™

Warning: Doesn't work properly with the plugin: XMB Control (xmbctrl).

Tested On: PSP Go (all regions), PSP-3008.
Plugin: Only for PSP's with 6.XX CFW.

- Bubbletune
- Total_Noob
- CompuPhase
- Frostegater

1. Download and extract the file.
2. Then open VSH.txt in your seplugins folder and add this line:

For PSP:
ms0:/seplugins/xmbih.prx 1

For PSP Go:
ef0:/seplugins/xmbih.prx 1
3. Then, open xmbih.ini with a text editor (notepad).
4. Replace the "0" to "1" next to the item you want to hide.
5. Then restart your PSP using VSH Menu.

Download Here

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