PS3 Unofficial Showtime Media Player v3.3.061 Released

- Correctly fix read-after-end-of-file in RAR archives
- Don't include filename in error message
- Fix RAR filename style to be even more flexible
- Fix bug causing cached items to be filtered out by directory scanning
- Max line length is 80 chars mr �man
- Improve tracing related to sqlite operations
- sqlite vfs wrapper: Fix a memory leak and bug causing temporary files to be unusable
- Avoid NULL deref
- Adjust threshold for automatic subtitle selection
- Be more verbose when i can't read files in RAR archives
- Fix reading near end-of-file in RAR archives
- glwtheme: Add empty archive.view
- Better handling of SSA/ASS collisions and padding
- Support tags in normal subtitle text
- Be more liberal when parsing markup tags in text.
- Add Bulgarian translation

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