PS3 Multiman 2.07.01 Released

Today Dean K posted a new update for his backup manager Multiman which includes many fixes.

Complete changelog since 02.06.00:
* Added: “Background Appearance” option in XMMB Settings to switch image/video background for XMMB and Coverflow modes
* Added: Screensaver will display the motion background if enabled
* Added: Option to select 9 different motion backgrounds wave.divx, wave2.divx… wave9.divx (restart may be required)
* Added: Support for REBUG CFW 3.41.3
* Added: Support for Cobra content folders: PSXISO, PS2ISO, PS3ISO, DVDISO and BDISO (WIP)
* Added: System Auto-Off in settings column (60/120/240/360 min – 1/2/3/4 hours)
* Added: Restart System and Shutdown System in Home/multiMAN column
* Changed: When motion background is activated, multiMAN will stay in 5.1 audio mode when possible
* Changed: Default display timing set to VSYNC = no tear
* Changed: SIDE menu will 8x zoom current entry icon (in VSYNC mode)
* Changed: Implemented OpenPS3FTP by jjolano and removed the old buggy FTP server (faster transfer speeds and no path/file length limitations). Login: anonymous | Password:
* Fixed: All issues in coverflow mode (lock or motion video bg stop/break)
* Fixed: “Key Repeat Delay” option

* Added: LV2 access rights to use LV1 Storage Manager (syscall 864)
* Added: LV1 patch for user access to sys_storage functions (syscalls 600 to 623)

* The above two for regular users mean:

* -> Thanks to graf_chokolo and the SACD-Ripper guys!
* -> Access to all types of optical discs inside multiMAN (file/folder mode):
* -> Copy/Backup of Blu-ray Movie Discs (decryption may be required on PC) (previously possible only via OtherOS)
* -> Copy/Backup of DVD-Video discs (decryption may be required on PC)
* -> Copy/Backup of PSX and Playstation 2 Discs
* -> Access to AACS\MKB_RO.inf on a Blu-ray movie disc to restore lost DRL1/DRL2
* -> Direct playback of movies/music (avi, mkv, etc) from BD-R/BD-RE/DVD-R/DVD-RW via Showtime for multiMAN
* -> Transfer speed average: 10MB/s (44GB Blu-ray disc movie transfers in ~90 min)


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