PS3 PCE Emu v1.40 Released

PCE.emu is a PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator written in C++ for Android, iOS, WebOS and PS3. It uses the emulation backend from Mednafen and is built on top of the Imagine engine. The source is released under the GPLv3 license.

Main Features:
•Accurate emulation and high compatibility rate (Note: Data swapped TG16 roms are not supported, see known issues below for a fix if you’re getting a black screen on load)
•Backup memory and save state support, auto-save and ten manual slots for save states
•Supports ROM-based games in .pce and .sgx formats, optionally in .zip files
•CD emulation via loading CUE or TOC+BIN files (select a system card rom in the options, for versions <= 1.3.0: place syscard.pce in same directory as CUE file) About Save Games: •A standard .sav file is created for games using internal battery backup memory •Save states are named .ncq for the auto-save slot, and .ncX where X is the slot number for manual saves. Performance Notes (as of version 1.3.0): •PS3: 60fps with hucards & CDs. PS3 Controls •D-pad : navigate menus (Up & Down), Left to go up a directory in file picker, Right to select *highlighted entry •Cross : confirm/select menu entry, Button I •Circle : cancel menu entry/go back, Button II •Select : Select •Start: Run •L2 : open/dismiss menu •R2 : Fast-forward Currently known issues/bugs: •No international character support in gui •Not really a bug, but when running on a case-sensitive file system make sure your CUE file *specifies references in the same case as on the file system. •PS3: only 1 controller is supported •PS3: loading a CUE file with external audio tracks causes the system to lock up •PS3: sound is not synced properly, causes slight distortion in the audio PCE Emu Version 1.4.0 Changelog: •Note: The config file format has changed and all options should reset automatically, in case of issues delete the config file manually •Recent Games list added to the main menu, stores the last 10 games played. •On-screen fast forward hot-spot now acts as an on/off toggle •Android: Vibration support when using touch controls, available under Options -> On-screen Controls
•iOS: Minimize Bluetooth input latency and make BTstack an optional package, you’ll be prompted to install it the first time you start a Bluetooth scan
•iOS: Fixed a possible Wiimote detection issue
•iOS: Fixed app start-up in portrait mode on iPad and add better default settings
•SNES: Mouse support
•MD: Master System support
•MD: SVP support for Virtua Racing (Note: you need a very fast device for this)
•PCE: Updated PS3 port with multi-controller support and fixes for external audio tracks on CD games

PCE Emu Version 1.3.30 Changelog:
•Better error handling and messages when a saving a state fails
•Configurable Menu and Fast-forward hot-spots for the touch screen (set under On-screen Config)
•Android: Updated Bluetooth event processing system to minimize latency caused by buffered events
•PCE: Optimizations to CD reading code

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