PS3 Stand Alone Web Browser Released

Quote (Dean K):
Here we are:


This is a standalone browser, which can be used by any other application (not just multiMAN).

* Supports downloading of files
* FTP server running in the background
* Allocates ~150MB for the browser, so no more 'insuff. memory' errors
* If URL is parsed, it will open it. If not -> Official PS3 page is opened
* On exit it will return to the caller application (if RELOAD.SELF is present in the same folder)
* Downloaded files are saved under the current folder + ./DOWNLOADS

If present in multiMAN's USRDIR folder - it will be used instead of the build-in mM browser. (if you update to the latest online version, which includes it)

Other devs are free to use it in their apps.

First post updated with section for BROWSER.SELF. It will be updated when needed. Fixed FTP PASV protocol issue and also removed app_home/host_root from ftp directory response.

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