PS3Ultimate Black & White CFW Versions Released by Razor x

Quote (Razor X):
Hey all, just to let you know I've did a quick update of my CFW for you all, and fixed a small bug I found in my old release, so here you go, enjoy..

here is the updated coldboot.raf enjoy.. DIRECT DOWNLOAD

CFW Details:
- Patched Lv1 Hypervisor
- Patched Lv2 Kernel
- Patched Package Installer
- Patched Application Launcher
- Added Homebrew Category (TV)
- Added Retro Category (PSN)
- Added Debug Category (Friend)
- Added Package Manager (Friend)
- Added Launch Game (Discless) (Game)
- Cleaned Unwanted Icons From XMB
- Replaced Coldboot (PS3Ultimate Coldboot)
- Patched All self/sprx Files To Secure Privacy
- Changed Cinavia DRM Effected Files
- Changed Default "Air Paint" Theme (PS3Ultimate Theme)

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