PS3 JFW-DH Update: TheGrid Showing Loading Backups

Quote (Demonhades):
In this video I show how since we started loading the plugin that mounts the flash, and will not need more than dev_blind, Alexander, and so on. This in combination with the preloader you can give a lot of play, especially for the new plugin loading backup backups without type loaders Multimedia course you have to use either no Multimedia, the assembled pieces of multi-manager devs and other gpl license no published source lol Again by active and passive POSTED ALL VIDEOS ARE PROPERTY OF THE AUTHORS, if you do not interest anyone forces you to see them, and I do not mean the community DHorg users, but some trolls ps3hax (Elysion, pocket69), envy is bad sorry 1saludo thanks to kiki maky and my colleagues and friends

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