PS3 PS3Ultimate CFW Updated: Spoofed to 3.72 Black & White Editions

Hey all RazorX here i've updated my PS3Ultimate CFW again for you i've tweeked a couple of things for example i've removed the website from the coldboot file so now it just reads PS3Ultimate
i've also updated the category_game_tool2.xml and renamed the default theme because the name was bugging me and i changed the website on it but the main reason for this release is
because i've updated the spoof on it now my cfw is spoofed to 3.72 to prevent you from accidentally updating your console also on another note i've found someone who is happy to make a
PS3Ultimate app for me so keep a look out for that hopefully if what he said is true it should be done about friday but we will see..

CFW Details:
Patched Lv1 Hypervisor
Patched Lv1 Hypervisor
Patched Lv2 Kernel
Patched Package Installer
Patched Application Launcher
Added Homebrew Category (TV)
Added Retro Category (PSN)
Added Debug Category (Friend)
Added Package Manager (Friend)
Added Launch Game (Discless) (Game)
Cleaned Unwanted Icons From XMB
Replaced Coldboot
Replaced RCO Files
Replaced XML Files
Patched All self/sprx Files To Secure Privacy
Changed Cinavia DRM Effected Files
Changed Default "Air Paint" Theme

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