PS3 RNA (Real Network Access) Goes Open Source

Quote (Bilpi):
Since I'm leaving the scene for a while I've decide to make RNA open source.

It can be found here:

In root / main .h and .cpp core files
In /temp/ code to be ported to ps3 yet
In /RNA/ PHP server files


Client (PS3, pkg):

Main core - 100%
Packet send/recv/connect - 100%
Blowfish encryptation - 100%
MD5, CRC32, security on packets - 100%
Login process - 100%
Packet sync core - 100%
Packet sync implementation - 20%
Friends core - 100%
Friends implementation - 0%
LAN gaming - 0% TheGrid pending

Server (PHP):

Packet recv/send/connect - 100%
Security - 100%
Trophies, friends sync - 100%
Handshake, login - 100%
To be done LAN rooms and games

I'll post more information later, as now I haven't got more time.


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