PS3 Booting PS1 Burned Backups

Quote (ScHeVens):
hi there,

I am ScHeVeNs a German PS3 Developer,

I have found a way, to boot any burned PS1 Backup Game, its not very hard to make…


PS3 with 3.55CFW
(maybe also a 3.41 machine, but not tested in moment!) ( I use Rebug 3.55.2 for that )
multiMAN latest version!
PS1 Backup on burned Disk


Start your PS3,
Insert your burned PS1 Copy,
start multiMAN,
go to filemanager mode,
search for:
Press X on ps1_emu.self

Tada, your Ps1 Backup will now boot and you see the PSLogo Bootscreen.

maybe this works also on PS2 Games Backups but i have a PS3 slim….and can not test this!

Have fun with this….

And give $ony a slap in her ….. face.

Memory card:
Create a PS1 memory card under Memory Card Utility (PS/PS2) and set it to Slot 1. Now, multiMAN will be able to access and save to this slot.

Note: Be sure to NOT run multiMAN before creating Slot 1 or it may not work.

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