PS3 JFW-DH Custom Firmware Update: 3.56 Support

Quote (DemonHades):
Hi hell, here I leave a video that shows the installation of 356 DH JFW MA on a 355, this version is created only for users locked into a 356 (base) that can not drop below the 356 and therefore can not enjoy the scene.

The reason why you can not downgrade the 356, is that apart from the 356 it incorporates a second updater which is the preparatory 360.Este then would be the new way (updater2) mode unusable old (355) is why not recognize any update below.

It’s supposed to be given to how to do down at 356 after the DH JFW 356 MA, but when tested it is only possible with a flash out of 356.

The video shows how to use various applications such as:


Showtime-media player


What is not allowed to peek / poke the moment, but the pkg type psn games if the charges.

Again, this is a special version to help people who can not lose more than 356, so you need a flasher to install it and enjoy the scene, so abstain from stupid comments about that why not do it in 355, etc.

Thanks to Alejandro, Jaicrab, Calimba and Varicella for collaboration in this custom help, the output of this custom and delayed a bit because right now we are saturated with the 341 and prefer to postpone a little more the 356 (to address and incorporate same graph as his brother 341)

1saludo and as I always say, this video is unique, this may not be copied in places eol or copied only to criticize and make visits to it (which is alluded to by whoever)

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