PS3 Showtime Youtube Plugin Coming Soon

Todat FacanFeff announced that he is working on a Showtime plugin that allows Youtube use.

Current Features:
- Login to Youtube
- Standard feeds (complete)
- Movie Feeds (not supporting yet paid content)
- Trailer Feeds (complete)
- User Feeds (Favorites, New subscriptions, Contacts, etc.)
- Getting Video Information
- Every resolution supported (240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p)
- Search videos
- Pagination (Powerful and fast!)
- Recommendations
- Get information about user
- Search for User Profile
- Related videos (if Advanced Youtube is enabled)
- Response videos (if Advanced Youtube is enabled)

Rules for those interested in being a beta tester:

- Should use in order to add bugs you may find while testing or request for features or add suggestions
- Should know where Showtime is located in /dev_hdd0 in order to install the plugin

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