PS3 Unofficial Showtime Media Player v3.1.241 Released

A new version of Unofficial Showtime Media Player is available for download thanks to Redsquirrel87.

- Fix braindamanged coding. realloc() can actually move memory. yes.
- lang: Update Dutch translation
- text rendering: If characters spill outside REAL_DIM then extend the texture
- video player: Only allow seeking if seeking in file is fast
- lang: Update portuguese translation
- Floating point audio output is broken for AAC+SBR. Avoid that for now
- ps3-vdec: Don't use the _ex() version of codec query/open. It seems to mess things up
- lang: Update german translation
- ps3: Fix 6.1 audio output (typically DTS-ES)
-  lang: Update trad. chinese

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