Ps3 They Do Not Die 2 V0.5 Released

ThatOtherDev says:

Here is another update to They Do Not Die 2.
I had added corpses and blood but I’ve removed them because I don’t know how to make them fade away progressively and I find it extremely distracting seeing them just disappear instantly (for performance reasons there needs to be a limit on how many can exist at any given time). If anyone knows how to go about doing that I would greatly appreciate an example of it. Basically what I’m looking for is the PSL1GHT equivalent of glColor4f. I assume the answer involves shaders which I am sadly fairly ignorant about making and using.

Added two player co-op play (shared screen).
There are now cars and boxes scattered around the city.
Data is stored more efficiently in game saves and as a result of that saving and loading is faster.
The shotgun is more powerful.

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